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Welcome to a Universe, with endless possibilities!

United #1 is a 24 page comic with a target audience aimed at Teen+, with a focus on introducing and bringing to life fun and crazy characters that live among the stars. Seeing the worlds that exist and the adventures to be told.

This issue introduces the main protagonist, Ross, and his initiation as The Universal Defender. He will meet his fellow team mates, who are there to serve and protect him; but Ross will find out leading a team of unique individuals is no easy process. The journey won’t be easy, in the vast expanse of space there are many dangers and challenges Ross will need to overcome, but with guidance and support he’ll be able to become the leader his team needs him to be.

All under the watchful eye of "The Council of The United", who watch and govern his every move with uncertainty of his potential and what that means for the future for all things.

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