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Meet the core people behind the work...

Michael Kirby.png

Michael Kirby

Creator, writer and colourist

Michael is the writer and creator of United, he created these characters and worlds from the age of four and since then has worked to develop them to what you see today. Michael has successfully worked in the creative industry for several years, as a graphic artist, digital media tutor and as game designer.

Follow Michael at: Instagram or YouTube or Portfolio Site

Dany Rivera.png

Dany Rivera

Comic Book Artist

Dany Rivera is a comic book artist, character designer and illustrator from Mexico. She has worked in several independent issues of all genres. She is a hopelessly romantic, with a soft spot for love novels and lager beer. She has a lovely dog half coyote called Dorothy and a passion for create stories.

Follow Dany at:

Instagram or Portfolio Site

Meet our guest cover artists...

Elton Thomasi.png

Elton Thomasi

Line Artist - United #1 Initiate

Elton Thomasi has worked on some American and European titles, his last job was on the Doctor Who comics for the publisher Titan Comics in England, and ANIMOSITY for Aftershock. He has also worked on making cards for Marvel and DC comics. Elton is the wonderful artist behind the cover and poster art of this comic book issue.

Follow Elton at: Instagram or Twitter 

Dijjo Lima.png

Dijjo Lima

Colourist - United #1 Initiate

Dijjo worked on a number of prestigious titles for both Brazilian and American comic book markets. In 2017,  he has done coloring work for comics such as Doctor Who, Torchwood and Assassin's Creed Origins for British publisher Titan Books.

Follow Dijjo at: Twitter 

Tobias Cousins.png

Tobias Cousins

Colourist - United #0 The Interviews

Tobias Cousins is an up and coming concept artist and illustrator, who has used his talented art skills to create the amazing cover art for Issue 0 and the work he did for the Key Art Poster. His art usually consists of strange and unusual creations with a focus on fantasy.

Follow Tobias at:

Instagram or Twitter or Portfolio Site 

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